Another end run around Democracy ?

Madrid, May 29 (EFE) .- El PP believes it is “inconceivable” that the Spanish Strategy for Security, Javier Solana presented tomorrow at the meeting of the Council of National Defense, has not been debated in Congress, “as in all other countries, and has called for “parliamentary involvement” in this initiative.
The PP spokesman in the Defense Committee of the House, Beatriz Rodriguez Salmon, has claimed well, told Efe, Parliament’s role in preparing a document of state “of the scale” like the morning comes .
A role that, for now, has been denied, has criticized the leader of the PP, …  When is a security project that is above politics and the legislature itself?
 The PP  wants Congress to have  the opportunity to enter the debate on the findings of the text and the parliament building is not only “in a presentation of a book. “
Thus, among other initiatives, the PP will resume its request for a hearing with Solana, who took more than a year following his appointment by the Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as a commissioner for the development of this strategy .
The strategy,is the  first security policy to comprehensively and globally address these issues and is mandated by the Organic Law on National Defense and Defense Policy and is included in the European Defense and Security.
Comment by Adamantine:
This appears to be a policy that is being put into play in Spain without the legislature being allowed a chance to review and comment on the policy. It also appears to be the manner in which so many nations are now dealing with issues. The central executive branches are ignoring in certain cases the parliaments. Is this also  the  “”modus operandi for Solana?

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