Why Europe is Cracking


. Now accustomed to being belittled by the great powers, it is revealing to remember that, back then, with the euro in circulation, expansion underway, a Constitution around the corner and with a foreign and security policy polished by the leadership of Javier Solana, talk of Europe did not provoke weariness or indifference, but rather admiration and even, in Washington, Beijing and Moscow, unconcealed jealousy.

Comment by Adamantine:

Thanks to nonymouse for the link


4 thoughts on “Why Europe is Cracking

  1. I almost never hear of Solana mentioned in any way but as in the good old days of the EU, with almost a longing for his skill and leadership, and hardly ever any criticism of what he’s done. Is there anyone else in global politics that has been as unassailed and uncriticized as JS? Quite a marvel of global politics.


  2. comment by Adamantine:
    Agreed. I think we have seen JS lauded this way at least 5-10 times which is absolutely outrageous in comparison to any other world figure except the dead hero’s of the past. It is one of those elusive things which keeps us watching. is it not?


  3. this is nothing but deception’s work and we know who traffics in that. it is the spirit of anti-christ at work all over the globe that is more and more pervasive and why we are watching him so closely. he absolutely lends himself to all these situations (retired? my foot! so much for sitting under his favorite grapevine relaxing like most older europeans). many deluded people are beginning to want him-calling him out by name as a permanent fixture in solving the world’s ills. the herd mentality always works against truth not in it’s favor….hey world beware what you ask for–you just might get it.


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