The myth of the secret world government ?

You will end up in private jets and drive in Samedan in the fund darkened limousine into the luxury hotel Suvretta House in St. Moritz. An estimated 130 international dimensions of politics, military, industry, high finance and noble will of 9to 12 June in Switzerland meet – and they want to stay incognito. The Heads of State and company leaders look for once the big stage, but shy away from the light. They come as individuals and call Bilderbergers.

Bilderberg? Under this name they know hardly anyone. This is intentional. No one should know that they participate in the secret meetings of hand-picked elite.

There are also many other secret meetings of the rich and powerful. The list now ranges from the WEF  (World Economic Forum) on the Trilateral Commission of David Rockefeller, the Boao Forum For Asia and the Munich Security Conference up to the Council on Foreign Relations by Henry Kissinger, the European Council of Joschka Fischer and the Carnegie meeting for peace. The conspiracy theorists ignore the deliberately.

Comment by Adamantine:

JS has been involved with the Bilderbergers ,the Munich Security Conference, the European Council, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Carnegie Foundation. I do not know about the two others.These are undoubtedly the powerful people of this world.

A world that is not our home. We really are not of this world and are accounted as nothing in the eyes of the world. That is a difficult concept for any Christian to get ones hands around. We are a shadow world to the others. They do not understand us much either.


One thought on “The myth of the secret world government ?

  1. so glad this world is not my home. man can only rule another man by tyranny. how proud is man to even attempt this. these “elites” have no idea that they are not elites at all-only sinners who should instead have bowed heads and knees before the Lord’s Cross and be forgiven for their pride of supposed entitlement to rule over others. we are all born to be tyrants until Jesus fills the temple of our heart making it His Throneroom. it is He Who is the King of heaven and earth.!!! i’d rather be ruled by Jesus and praise His Name i’m going home to be with Him. i pray to take more with me……..Lord complete Your Will on earth as it is in heaven.


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