Date setting, Harold Camping and us

Scientists say Erie mirage could be realAP – July 31, 2006 – Cleveland, Ohio

Scientists say it’s a mirage, but others swear that when the weather is right, Clevelanders can see across Lake Erie and spot Canadian trees and buildings 50 miles away. Eyewitness accounts have long been part of the city’s history. “The whole sweep of the Canadian shore stood out as if less than three miles away,” a story in The Plain Dealer proclaimed in 1906.

“The distant points across the lake stood out for nearly an hour and then faded away. I can see how this could be possible,” said Lawrence Krauss, chairman of the Physics Department at Case Western Reserve University. Krauss and Joe Prahl, chairman of the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Case, said mirages can occur during an atmospheric inversion, in which a layer of cold air blankets the lake, topped by layers of increasingly warm air. When this happens, it can cause the light that filters through these layers from across the lake to bend, forming a lens that can create the illusion of distant objects. The scientists said the air has to be extremely calm for the mirage to appear. If the wind blows, it distorts or dissolves the image. Prahl and Krauss said such a mirage is rare.

Tom Schmidlin, a meteorologist in the Geography Department at Kent State University, said, “It’s not terribly unusual. Sailors are always exposed to this kind of thing.” Prahl, who regularly sails his 30-foot sloop Seabird from Cleveland to Canada, has never seen it.

Bob Boughner, a reporter for the Chatham Daily News in Ontario, said he’s seen Cleveland from across Lake Erie twice, the first time four summers ago while driving along a road near the lake. He saw it again two summer ago while driving along the same road. All of a sudden, there was Cleveland, just off the Canadian shore, as if it were just across a river, he said. “I happened to look across the lake and, geez, I couldn’t believe the sight,” he said. “I could see the cars and the stoplights. I could even make out the different colors of the vehicles. It lasted a good two or three minutes.” Boughner said he remembers his aunt Melba Bates, who lived all her life on Lake Erie and recently died in her late 90s, talking about being able to see Cleveland, but he didn’t believe her. “I thought she was making up stories,” he said. “But sure enough, I could see the same damned thing. When it shows up, it looks like you can touch it.”


Doomsday preacher sets new date for Judgment Day

‘When May 21 came and went, it was a very difficult time for me’

Comment by Adamantine:

I think we need to consider this in light of our own predicament. Under one theory of end times it was expected to one day see a seven year treaty which would in the very middle of the treaty have a stopped sacrifice. We expected and we did not see it. Now we ponder if it the stopped sacrifice is  still to come during the seven year period even if not at the exact middle.

I find it difficult to adjust and watch and wait “again”.

So do Camping’s followers.

People who are new or ignorant to prophecy in general are not able to see any difference between Camping’s predicament and ours. That they are very similar must be admitted.

Should the WEU disappear as is scheduled for the end of June then Herb Peters theory will have lost intelligibility to most. The problem is as I see it that each piece of the puzzle of the end times may be in the process of being set down in a different order than expected by anyone who has ever written on this topic. That makes it nearly impossible to do much beyond observe quietly. I admit that I probably did not wish to observe quietly but had hoped to shout it from the roof tops. The theory will be in the process of dying. It will not be dead however until December 31,2013. That will have been a very long time to watch.

Where was Herb Peters different than Camping?

1) Herb Peter did not arrive at a new theory but rather watched as events on the ground came very close to approximating a theory worked out over the last several HUNDRED years. Even then it also had antecedents going back to the very beginning of Christianity.

2)  Herb Peters assiduously attempted not to say that what was seen was sure.


Where are we different than Herb Peters?

1) We have attempted to see if there is a way forward with new interpretations of the events in light of what otherwise was certainly an incorrect understanding.

2) We have even less certainty than Herb Peters as to the likelihood of this being “THE” seven years spoken of in the Bible.

3) What is seen that adds to our certainty and discomfort is that the world does wax worse and worse. Plus other events and pressures are building.

In 2009 Barak Obama declared June 2009 to be national gay lesbian month and the “Christian” world barely burped.

I do not fear or hate homosexuals but I do say that the Bible in no uncertain terms lets the reader know it is wrong and a sin. The Bible teaches that I am to hate the sin. It has also been known and accepted in days past that a homosexual society was one that God would sooner rather than later judge and destroy. Today’s world laughs at that concept. Even the ‘true” Christians of most of the world have decided to go silent on judgment. Even those who will fight for marriage refuse to fight against homosexuality.

2) We have more voices and more interpretations as to how events may go forward. We do not have one Harold Camping or Herb Peters to set out the way forward. That is more disconcerting but maybe the safest way to observe. I will agree that Camping appears to have been much less wise about the approach then we or Herb Peters ever were.

I would suggest that the rest of the world cannot see these distinctions. If in some manner events progress “fast forward” I doubt we will find much acceptance anywhere. Should events NOT go forward than to others we will have been  no better than Camping. I suggest that we understand that and spiritually and psychologically deal with it now.


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