Message Board Notice

Wickus here:

The message board may soon either stop to function or convert to the free version were only three people are allowed on site. If the latter happens, there may be advertising on it that is not endorsed by this site. I will monitor it.

I have decided not to renew the yearly subscription as there is not enough activity on it. The majority of comments gets placed on the main site. I sincerely hope it will not cause any inconvenience to you.

PS. This is not a plea for anyone to donate money to help with payment. I can afford it. This is purely because of the lack of activity on a separate board. Most visitors prefer the main site.


5 thoughts on “Message Board Notice

  1. Okay, I go to for this site. Is that the main site? If not, what is so I can mark it as a Favorite.


  2. I check it every day to see if anyone has posted on it and I have posted once or twice. It won’t inconvenience me and thanks for the main site. I really enjoy reading it.


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