In RELATIVE Praise of Harold Camping

Comment by Adamantine:

Starting with the assumption that Harold Camping was honest but wrong then

I am more in favor of Harold Camping’s position than I am of those who make prophetic predictions constantly but without any time frame. ( I am also more in favor of Harold Camping’s position as compared to those who think Christ is NEVER coming back.)

They are never proven wrong  and even if never proven right they still receive the kudos’s of men.

I am of the opinion, however, that once one says they have a word or revelation from God they should not accept other peoples money .

In the meantime we are not setting dates but are  suspicious that we are in the season of His return and that the season of the Kingdom may catch the very same people who mock Camping unawares.

It is best we learn from Camping’s mistake and remain non dogmatic but very attentive. Why did Camping not simply say he was quite concerned that the return of Christ MIGHT have been started May 21, 2011 ?


7 thoughts on “In RELATIVE Praise of Harold Camping

  1. Well I was very wary due to his methods of saying when, I do not see anything in scripture that supports the way he came to this date, but anyway one thing is for sure, there are so many shows on nowadays about the end of the world, etc etc. Even though many of them are not really as biblical maybe some will start to wake up and smell the coffee so to speak


  2. I understand your point about appreciating someone who searched the scriptures and looked for meaning among God’s prophetic words. I however am not charitable in my opinion of Camping. I can think of no label for him other than false prophet. For any of us that are searching God’s word – it is important for us to seek out wise guides in what we find, and not be caught up on our own pride, or own suspicion that we have been given a gift of prophecy. For Camping to have maitained any of my respect, he should have repented in ’94 when his prediction proved false and refrained from making additional prophetic statements, since his error revealed his lack of receiving a true word from God.

    I think your approach is right Adamantine, since a true prophet from God will always be right 100% of the time- if we have received something that we think might be from God we should put it out there among other mature christ followers where it can be tested, and found to be either truth or error.

    It’s really on my heart to pray for the people that were mislead by the false prophet Camping, that in this time of disappointment that they chose to abandon their false prophet and not the Lord. I think as the time draws ever nearer there will be an emergence of even more false prophets of the type that appear wordly, and those that may appear godly – but are yet false. We should all be praying that we will be discerning and that the Holy Spirit will help us to rightly divide the scriptures and be able to tell the difference between a false prophet, and the true prophets which we know will one day arise among those that belong to Christ.


  3. Comment by Adamantine:
    I would tend to agree that Camping now might qualify as a false prophet.
    1) He is on file as saying something was certain
    2) He was wrong
    3) He received a lifetime of ministry support

    However those who will never consider prophecy in the end do not accept Jesus who was prophesied in His first coming 2000 years ago.
    Hence Camping has more hope than they do if he was mistaken from pride or greed. Only God can judge his heart but we have no choice but to discern and critique etc.

    In June of 2009 I would probably have said that the Herb Peters theory was likely 95-99% correct. Now I have a more difficult time placing a number on the relative level of my concern but I am not so sure it is correct. If only Camping had said he was not 100% it would have been received more reasonably by the press and secular world. While I think desiring the gift of prophecy is approved of in the Bible one should never desire a spiritual gift such that they run the risk of exaggeration or out right deceit.


  4. Harold Camping caused people to leave their jobs, use their life savings and raked in millions of Dollars. That makes him worse than a false prophet and links him with a cult leader. Jesus warned us that in the last days people will come and say “the Christ is here”, and we must not believe it. He urges people to gather on the 21st to wait for Christ to be “there”.

    In my small town the city planner has quit his job, sold everything and wasted all his savings to await the return of Christ in a hotel in Johannesburg with like minded people. Their lives are ruined and Camping sit with his riches.

    It is one thing to hold on to a theory but tell people that you may be wrong. But to urge people to give up their lives, spend their savings on YOUR message because you are sure that on a specific date the world will end is a cult.

    Harold Camping fulfilled prophecy as more people will mock the return of Jesus.

    May the Lord have mercy on Camping and may he confess his sin.



  5. right on wickus. wilkerson was more apt to warn and call out sin. camping outright predicted-what he should not have done-and stirred things from an alarmist standpoint in my opinion. if he was speaking for the Lord he would not have a blot on his reputation and record. God can never gets anything wrong so neither will anyone who acutally speaks for him be wrong. camping is just a mis-guided man at best or a charlatan at worst. we are known by our fruits.


  6. To Wickus: I agree with your opinion of Camping. Occult leader/False Prophet. How can a man of God miss the mark so bad. I have to admit that my interpretation of scripture has been shaken and I’m glad! As the Revelation of Jesus Christ unfolds, scripture begins to clearly interpret itself.

    The Lord told Daniel to close up the book until the time of the end for a reason. Knowledge will increase and so will our understanding. As a watchmen myself I had to let go of some of my old ideas and thru much prayer I have come to a
    place of peace. We are in full blown Endtimes
    even though people like Camping miss the boat.
    message must be of Hope and the Love of
    Christ! His surely was not!

    -And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie – 2 Thessalonians 2:11

    Back to Camping. At the time I didn’t put it all together but something bothered me. I came across this site and I realized what it was. It was all the Occult numbers Camping was using the whole time he was making these claims. It was right under my nose and I didn’t catch it.

    Here’s a link if interested:

    God Bless all, Keep looking up!


  7. Comment by Adamantine:
    I tend to agree but cannot do so fully because 666 is a number and will be felt to be such an occult number someday. Also there IS a lot of number discussion used in the book of Daniel. That may have significance someday.


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