The end is clear and /or the end is near?

The die is cast and the end is very clear. The USA and world economies are doomed and, we as the little Sheeple, just have to recognize it; deal with it and be prepared.

Current inflation will go into hyperinflation. When it does, it will happen swiftly in days or hours terrifying markets and the entire world. This isn’t just a German 1919-1921 repeat. This is the reserve currency for 85% of an entire global monetary system rushing into a major smash. The German event was play school compared to what’s coming.

Comment by Adamantine:

This guy is the most dire of all of them if we are to believe his words above.


2 thoughts on “The end is clear and /or the end is near?

  1. concerning israel,kickin’ butt once again and EXPANDING its territorial boundaries…/surprise,surprise….i,m commenting on the may 15 post on history repeating itself! imagine ISRAEL G-G-G-GROWING/EXPANDING like back in the 6-day war of ’67. once again, rockin’ the joint, like david defeating goliath! BRING IT…this is tony in vt. Doesn’t scripture say this will happen???


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