Protecting the Antichrist

mark s wrote:I think its about prophecy being fulfilled or not.Herb saw the connection between the prophetic Scriptures and the “facts on the ground”, and started alerting people.Recommendation 666, 10 nations, a 7 year “covenant”, these were real attention-getters, and appeared to be fulfilled prophecies.

So do we have these sorts of fulfilled prophecies to point to regarding the antichrist?

Is there a man who has stopped the daily sacrifices? That would be an attention grabber. Is this person being handed power by 10 kings? Has an associate who is causing everyone to worship his image? Receive a mark?

Herb’s idea was to let Scripture do the labeling. We don’t even need to name him.

We all know passages that talk about the antichrist. Even though we disagree on how it will all come down, the same rule of thumb can apply equally to all of us.

If we read in the news that the leader of the 10 kings, for instance, has put a stop to the daily sacrifices, and his associate is demanding we be marked to buy or sell, we can simply call attention to that fact, and we don’t have to label the AC. The Bible will do that for us. If it’s a match, that is.

How far would we get if we simply posted facts about a person, and the Scripture we think is being fulfilled by those facts?

It seems to me that Herb’s focus was comparing Scripture to “the facts on the ground”. And that is what many of us gathered around.

Love in Christ,

I agree with you Mark, but how many bible scholars saw the Rise of the Islamic nations in prophecy? Christ asks us to be watchers of the times to determine seasons, and I believe scripture is showing us what is happening during these times. Birth Pains, Israel surrounded by her enemy’s, and the man of Sin soon to be revealed. What I don’t understand is why the double standard here? I have read many threads on this discussion board not just about Solana being the one but others saying could this guy be the one, and yet no issues with those discussions, but once “O’s” name is mentioned we have a problem.

Comment by Adamantine:

Herb Peters was wrong to in any manner limit discussion as to who the Antichrist might be. The real problem is to think that one should circumscribe a topic so closely. I think as long as it does not appear to be done with malicious intent one should not rebuke people for “off topic” discussions. To make the identity of the Antichrist “off topic” on a site that discusses “the possible office of the Antichrist” is simply wrong.

I am also concerned that Obama is protected to some extent on Fulfilled Prophecy by those who are worried about racism.


7 thoughts on “Protecting the Antichrist

  1. political correctness is plain wrongness. the world at large is being successfully paralyzed by it. the church looks more and more like the world now so many are buying in. sad.


  2. i thought you guys were interesting but whats with the race thing? thats what people do to others they disagree with just call them racist.

    and whats with you and “fulfilled prophecy? what are you so bitter about?>


  3. Comment by Adamantine:
    You may perceive it as bitter. I think I only write the same things I would have written had I not been banned on their site. I am not bitter about being banned but I am incensed about anyone who would censor others. They or anyone else is welcome to debate here. I approve of debate. They do not and I find pleasure and rectitude in pointing out their problems when they become egregious.I also have absolutely no problem with anyone criticizing this web site nor with me critiquing Fulfilled Prophecy. They do things on that site that seem absolutely juvenile sometimes.
    Now about the race thing. Fulfilled Prophecy has protected Obama more than any other world politician. I am unsure why except that I think they like everyone else have been led to believe that the worst possible sin is to be racist. I am against racism but sometimes other issues are more important than the risk of appearing racist. Donald Trump has been called racist because he challenged the birth record on Obama ( which by the way does appear to be a possible fake). Many are too afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled racist even when they know they are not. Some are calling Trump an “unconscious racist”. Well there are a lot of unconscious sinners in the world so maybe he is one but I do not think so. Fulfilled prophecy originally knew it was way out in left field and I think they were attempting to retain respectability in other ways. Ways which are now ridiculous. I am not calling them racist. I am calling them afraid of being called racist.


  4. “I am not calling them racist. I am calling them afraid of being called racist.”

    same difference. your making it about race.

    so you take pleasure in criticizing others????

    i guess that says it


  5. Comment by Adamantine:
    I think I was taking pleasure in discussing an issue being discussed on Fulfilled Prophecy from a site where they could not censor me. Those speaking on the FP site knew that with one wrong step and they would fall through the trap door of censorship. The degree to which you have spoken out on this site would possibly have had you banned on FP. Here you speak freely because it will not happen.


  6. I agree with Adamantine. We are free to speak in love on this site. Different opinions are welcome.

    I also do not see Adamantine’s comment as racism. I live in a country were the racism card is over played. Every remark is turned into racism. No remark can be made against a black person by a white person, otherwise you are a racist.



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