More casinos close in Mississippi due to flood

All of Mississippi’s 19 dockside casinos on the Mississippi River likely will be closed within a few days because of flooding — at the cost of millions of dollars to tax coffers and temporary unemployment for thousands of casino employees, a state gambling regulator said Tuesday.

Comment by Adamantine:

I have never been sure that gambling was a sin. Others have thought so. Economists have done studies which show that they become a loci for sin and social ills. They also do not attract new money to an economy but simply rearrange its distribution and likely running it through the hands of less reputable “business” people.

Last year the casinos in the Gulf of Mexico were shut down and now they will be shut down in the Mississippi. I am open to considering that God may be saying something. He also closed down the September Gay Mardi Gras with Hurricane Katrina?


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