Clash of Civilizations

WEU: Events In The Mediterranean And The Implications For European Security

This is from the “Born to Watch” web site:

On the occasion of its 60th and final session, the European Security and Defense Assembly held a debate on “Handing on the torch: the future scrutiny of Europe’s foreign, security and defense policies with special reference to recent events in the Mediterranean area and the implications for Europe’s security”.

The recently published report by the EUISS (The Arab democratic wave – How the EU can seize the moment, Report No. 9, March 2011 ) which included several recommendations to the European Union. He distinguished three types of situation: 1) countries undergoing democratic transition (Tunisia, Egypt) with democratic uprisings and changes coming from within; 2) dictatorships, in the throes of violence (Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen); and 3) regimes that might be called liberal-authoritarian (Morocco, Jordan) where the rulers were attempting to initiate reform themselves. Mr De Vasconcelos underlined that the GDP growth index was not sufficient to understand developments in a country and a combination of several other indicators had to be taken into account. He further noted that there had been no basis for the fears of countries in the northern Mediterranean that the radical Islamist parties would take power. “We see the presence of democratic forces and the Islamist forces are less radical than we thought”, he said.

Samuel Huntington’s theory of a clash of civilizations had been disproved. It was necessary to accept that there were differences between people, that we were all equal before the law, and to conduct a better policy of integration in accordance with the“concept of hospitality”.

In his view, it was urgent to protect and liberate Misrata. Liberating the city would have an extraordinary impact on the entire Tripoli region and could have a decisive effect on the fall of Kadhafi.

As regards Syria, even if a military operation was out of the question, the “responsibility to protect” should also apply. The European Union had the means to act. It had already set up an arms embargo, suspended economic cooperation programs and frozen the assets of some officials. Alleged perpetrators with dual nationality could also be brought to justice. Finally, in Mr De Vasconcelos’ view, the “paradigm of European isolationism” should be left behind and the project for a Mediterranean Union should be made far more ambitious. The ultimate goal should be for a genuine Euro-Mediterranean democratic community, bringing the countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean closer to the European Union.

The delegate presented a draft of the principles proposed by the Transitional National Council (TNC) for Libya. The aim was to rebuild a “modern, free and united” democratic Libyan state and to put and end to “dictatorship and terror”.

Mrs Hostalier felt that “the people who are spilling their blood in the fight for democracy” deserved our support. As regards Misrata, she acknowledged that “we are faced with a matter of conscience”. “We want to help people on the path to freedom and democracy and support resistance against all forms of barbarism. We cannot do nothing. However, it is not possible to send in ground troops to save Misrata”. It was impossible to remain indifferent when people were being massacred by their own leaders and when the militia of these same leaders were terrorizing and starving their people. “We are doing as much as our public opinion can accept”, she said.

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I smell a rat. Has the whole procedure of shutting down the WEU been planned out ahead of time with all of the i’s dotted and t’s already crossed? … Up until this point in time the WEU resisted all efforts of being shut down. Now it seems as if they are full of joy, peace and goodwill as they are preparing to disband next month. They have also recently stated that all of the “mechanisms” are now in place.

Does this “torch”, that they are passing over to the EU, have all of their power wrapped up in it?

Keep in mind that this whole process is taking place under the guidelines of the Lisbon Treaty that Javier Solana was the primary architect of. Will the power that the ten horns possessed, now be given to a specific position within the EU? A position that Javier had already planned on moving back into when Ashton would fall on her face as all knew she would.

Remember that the Recommendation 666 Crisis Management Powers were orginally connected to two positions, both of which Javier Solana held. High Representative of the EU and Secretary Genral of the WEU. With the WEU shutting down there will no longer be a WEU Secretary General. Could all of this power still be connected to the High Rep. position? … I have not seen any new EU Article or Recommendation that states otherwise.

Keeping one’s eye on the shell that has the nut under it, be moved around within  the EU is a difficult thing to do. I believe it has been designed to be intentionally so. When that one shell is lifted up we shall see. Let’s keep watching.

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. Revelation 17:12-13 (KJV)

Posted Tuesday May 10th, 2011

Comment By Adamantine:

Thanks to Born to Watch. This is a good review of what is happening. I wonder if we will be able to trace the ten as they may still hold some sort of power in the EU. We will have to hold the theory loosely but be even more alert to see some day an uprooting of three and a coalescing of ten as a possible way forward.

Secondly I do not agree that Huntington was wrong. Islam is at war with all who will hold to democratic principles and since Europe will abandon these they will no longer be in a clash. If there is no clash with Islam it is because Europe surrendered. I suppose if Turkey ever became part of Europe it would show an even stringer growing Roman Empire grounded in power and not its Christianity or its shallow historical democratic past.

ps: I am too busy to watch so closely currently and am thankful others such as Bjorn and born to watch are also part of the team keeping this before our eyes.


5 thoughts on “Clash of Civilizations

  1. Yes we keep watching, I never really trust anything that they say, they like to play smoke and mirrors, all of the political and world powers.


  2. The shutting down of the W.E.U. is moot. It does not change anything. The little horn is a reference to the State of Vatican City.The ten nations existed before the W.E.U. did. The three nations subdued are 1. Italy under MUSSOLINI, 2. Germany under HITLER, and 3. Spain under FRANCO. There are ten toes on the image of Daniel at the return of the LORD not seven. The W.E.U. is just part of the smoke and mirror show. If it disappears it does not change anything.Let us see the POPE dissolve the State of Vatican City. Let us see these people disband the E.U. and make void the Treaty of ROME. I fully expect them to dissolve the W.E.U. At this point Satan wants to reset the whole thing but it’s too late for him now, he’s busted! As for the human dupes they have been played as fools. They have been duped and they live in a DELUSION. Listen to me people, GOD is way ahead of them. They can dissolve the W.E.U. and have Caviar and Champagne, THEY ARE STILL GOING DOWN!


  3. What if the WEU’s final act as it is shut down is to endorse emergency powers for the HR – and if the man who were in that place to accept the WEU’s final papers of decommissioning were the man we suspect?


  4. I know this is an older post, but wanted to point out that the WEU’s final session on May 9th seems to indicate the majority of their power will fall under the EAS, specifically the HR. They did recommend the creation of a new oversight comittee, consisting of all 27 member states. They also recommended the HR be more assertive, and the EU members choose a HR that is more able to handle the position, instead of one that was expected to fail. The handing of the torch won’t be until the end of June, and I am looking eagerly to see who they will officially choose.



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