Choo Thomas

Comment by Adamantine:

I have found it interesting that the discussion on this site related to Choo Thomas has remained so robust and vigorous.I have personally no interest in her or the discussion. I would like to use her as an example however of why I think anyone claiming any sort of vision from God should not in any manner accept money from the public even from the sale of a book.



4 thoughts on “Choo Thomas

  1. Also interesting that since the original post has been done, this site stays on the Google front page when you search “Choo Thomas”. Don’t know if it is the same in the US, but SA Google keeps rating it in the top 10.



  2. The sad part of this is that the church for the most part tolerates and endorses this type of nonsense junk


  3. I just wish people would stop concentrating on who’s doing what & when!! Don’t you guys think it’s time we got ready for His coming instead of focussing your energy on useless staff that’s not even gonna help you get to heaven?!! The Bible clearly says we shouldn’t JUDGE, LEST YOU BE JUDGED!!


  4. @For God

    I’m with u on that, people have so much energy it’s not funny!! Like really now????!!Maybe the question we should be asking ourselves is are we ready for HIS COMING? And also did the world not judge Jesus as well????? Just asking…..


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