Obama at the bottom of the Barrel


Comment by Adamantine:

I suspect Google translater did not get this title correct but it did hit on a form of the truth.


11 thoughts on “Obama at the bottom of the Barrel

  1. Al pie del canon literally means at the foot of the cannon- which to really translate means more like something like ready for action, or to die with your boots on.


  2. Ok justasheep that makes it more sensitble then to me. I guess then I would have to say that is the way to be, die with your boots on. Which means we will go down ready and fighting I guess.


  3. Hi Wickus..
    what do you think about the site?

    thanks for offering the help.. I have sometimes difficulties with some engelisch words and “sayings”? like “at the bottom of the barrel” … what is “a barrel”.. do you understand?

    It is realy weird how all these things play out right now.. with solana, ashton.. I ve been trying to explain all of these things to several people, preachers from churches.. but everyone seems to SLEEP! It is kinda.. dissapointing


  4. Your site is great! Keep it up.

    Barrel is a” vaatjie”. It is not easy to translate into another language without loosing the meaning. Hope that helps. 🙂

    Yes, things are heating up with Ashton and the EU. It is not easy to convey this theory as it all sounds so unreal. If we are on the right track (and I think we are) it may become more clear from September.


  5. one day the sleepy ones will wake up in a world they don’t recognize…they don’t see what is coming and it is all happening very fast! ashton is on her way out looks to me. and solana continues to gain momentum. at his age i don’t see how he keeps up-unless his fuel is coming from way way way “underground” if you know what i mean!


  6. yes I understand. it is realy amazing how everything is right on track.. if solana should be apointed for 42 months, he got the position back in a verry slink and smart way..first under the radar en then he pops up again, exactly at te right moment..

    problem is dat people won’t even consider him to be the possible AC because the expertations people already have about the antichrist.. like he must be 33 years old, a Jew.. and now some people are even talking about a Islamic AC..


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