Islam is an enemy of freedoms of speech,religion, the press and assembly

First, most of those who have come to Europe in recent decades, and their descendants, are here to stay. Many remain attached to the heritage of their countries of origin. What is wrong with that? So long as they obey the law, they should not be expected to leave their faith, culture or identity behind.

Comment by Adamantine:

While we await the resolution (probably this year) as to any remaining possibility of the ENPI/WEU /rec 666 theory retaining any credibility I would like to take the opportunity to comment on a comment by this council which includes JS.

Their comments seem very reasonable but they are missing the spiritual understanding that Islam is at war with all other religions and it represents the interests of Satan. Islam is not a supporter of the basic freedoms as described in the US Bill of Rights.

In the end these Muslims will vote to take away the freedoms as they remain in Europe. The writers might hope that their tolerance will be met with a reciprocal tolerance. That is not how Satan works. He is a thief and a liar. In the meantime those who are not Christian will never understand these warring principles and imagine that all religion is the culprit.


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