Of Witches and the Antichrist

Comment by Adamantine:

I would like to discuss something that has been just below the surface of that which we discuss on this and other sites. Many have often spoken of how it is somehow unwise to “pin the tail” on the donkey and identify the “The Antichrist”.

Some have implied it was simply impossible to do because the Antichrist was not to be revealed until after the church was raptured and this then implied we were simply dealing with bad doctrine.

Some have implied that to do so simply placed one among all of those who had gone before and were wrong and of course you too would be wrong and somehow bring derision upon the theories of end time discussions as well.

Some have implied that by doing so one might be harming the personality so identified. In other words we would not wish to identify Obama as the Antichrist because it in his case might be some sort of perverted political maneuver smacking of even racism.

I suggest a major unspoken reason is because it ventures into a part of Christian theology which brings one into some sordid areas of poor behavior of the Christian past. The Antichrist is not only a mythical character in the eyes of the modern church but he is a character linked to Satan and hence to witchcraft and all that connects to historically. Many people were abused and killed over a three hundred year period when the church at large prosecuted and persecuted those who others thought to be witches. Caught up in such sweeps were many who were entirely innocent along with other who were deluded or even mentally ill. Few if any in the scientific world are willing to accept the idea of demons/witches or sorcery. We intuitively understand that by actually identifying someone as a possible Antichrist candidate we are in the same arena as those who might identify a witch. It is simply not done.

Society allows for observing those few of Haiti or elsewhere who might practice Voodoo but it does not actually think there is any power or evil in the practice. The identification of a politician as the Antichrist who otherwise would appear to the secular world to be the best of men is simply not going to be accepted.

I suggest that you remember this problem of psychology should we ever actually see the further Fulfillment of Prophecy such instead of constantly having to say we are unsure of who the Antichrist may be we instead think we really do know. Others will think you are speaking of witchcraft and sorcery. They will not listen any more than had you called someone in your personal world a witch. This may someday present quite a dilemma. We may be thankful that so much now argues against the WEU/ENPI/Rec 666 theory because to see it come to pass would be against great odds and be needed to overcome ones reticence to speak of such otherwise unacceptable things.

Many who have written about the end times have avoided all of the practical issues that will arise someday (even if we do not live to see the day.) By accepting that the rapture occurs first they have not prepared the church to deal with issues such as this one. They will not have to “pin the tail on the donkey”. They will not have to deal with the issues of preparation/flight or fight/or simply passive acceptance of the struggle of living in a world gone wild.

Such people ( some day, maybe not our day)  will not be prepared to have an answer when they are accused of being on a witch hunt.


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