Who is a Saint and who is not a Saint

[Saint Vincent Ferrer]http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/90047044?Benedict%20beatifies%20his%20predecessor%20late%20Pope%20John%20Paul%20II%20in%20Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday declared the beatification of late Pope John Paul II at a ceremony in front of thousands of at Catholic faithful St Peter’s Square in the Vatican.


French nun Marie Simon-Pierre, who claimed that the late pope had miraculously cured her of Parkinson’s Disease, also attended the ceremony.

Comment by Adamantine:

I am of the opinion all born again persons are saints.

I would sure hate to have the church declare me to be a saint of special significance only to have Christ at the wedding feast of the Lamb say go down lower. In my opinion it is best to wait and let God give out the accolades.


3 thoughts on “Who is a Saint and who is not a Saint

  1. Well most people know what I think of the Roman Catholic Babylonian system. I make no apology for it either.


  2. Paul addressed his letters to the saints. Then all born again believers must be saints. The RC is so foolish in their beliefs.



  3. religion seeks to elevate men and their works–but humble saints (bought with a price-the precious Blood of Jesus to redeem sinners) exalt Christ alone.


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