What is Obama ?



a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.

Re: Obama responsible for Libya Uprising

Postby El Gallo on Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:01 am

Keep in mind whom he seems to have the most respect for: 

1. U.S.? No, as he always sees us a culpable and having to atone. Seems like a good kid, with some minor faults, whom the dad is clearly disapproving, indeed, ashamed of b/c dad has a different vision for what he wants the child to be.

2. Western countries? No. Useful, but also guilty. Just consider the snubs to British, French, German (and other) leaders in the West. Japan, Australia and New Zealand can be counted in this group.

3. China and India? More than his own country, but not per se.

4. Second and third world countries. Generally yes.

5. Muslim countries. Definitely, and his respect seems to increase the closer to sharia-compliant and Shia they are. Not a word about uprisings in Iran, but plenty of support for uprising against Western-oriented Muslim leaders.

Comment by Adamantine:
El Gallo has said it quite well. I believe it is only part of the truth.
I believe it is likely that Barak Obama is a traitor to the USA. He is possibly illegal. He is possibly Muslim. He is supporting policies which are good for Islam and bad for the USA. Not one American soldier should be put at risk to advance the cause of Islam.

4 thoughts on “What is Obama ?

  1. Yes agreed, there is more going on than any of us probably are aware of that is for sure. Satan is a great deceiver and is the ultimate one behind all of this. Remember our battle is not against flesh and blood but is spiritual as the Apostle Paul tells us.


  2. Obama is Gods Harbringer of Judgment to the USA! If the Lord didn’t want him in office he would have been removed by now. When This country elected the man or should I say whatever he is, we showed our true nature as a country, Babylonial!
    I didn’t vote for him, but based on our current timeline and the hour we live the Lord is showing his awesome power and his complete authority arranging all things for the last call before he brings his wrath to those who did not except the Blood of the Lamb. Yeshua we long for your return!


  3. The country clearly elected this man for worldly reasons- thinking he was a savior or bringer of great positive change to our nation. I am certain they were greatly deceived, and agree with Adamantine that this man maybe working to actively bring the destruction (or at least the major demotion) of this country in order to clear the way for a new global order. I don’t know who Babylon the Great is mentioned in Revelation – but My own suspicion is that it is some great worldly governmental creation that comes after the US has been humbled. I am pretty confident in one thing – we won’t be here when Rev 18 is fulfilled since it appears to be deep into God’s wrath at that point.


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