New World Order will emerge from Middle East

‘New world order will emerge from Middle east’

A new world order is going to emerge from the Middle East and North Africa through the efforts of the existing regional powers and the future generation of Arab governments, a senior Hezbollah official says.

“I believe a new regional world order is going to emerge and this is going to represent the will and determination of the people of the region, not the pro-American governments,” said the Director of Hezbollah’s Media Relations, Ibrahim Moussawi, in a Press TV interview.

The future is going to fulfill “all the historical wishes and hopes of the people in the region, he pointed out.

“There are very important and strong powers in the region, if we take Iran, Turkey and the future Arab world … who reflect the general interests of the people in the region,” Moussawi argued.

“This is going to make the future of the region and we should do everything possible to support it,” he added.

Comment by Adamantine:

I think  the European Union and the United States are upsetting the dictatorial applecart of the Middle East in a mistaken belief that if the Islamic Brotherhood is allowed to help rule in the world of Islam a middle east peace will be attainable.There will be a push for a settlement of sorts  for Israel and Palestine even as the old states in Islam are replaced by new ones featuring the Islamic brotherhood.

Javier Solana has attempted to appear even handed between Islam and the Jews and yet in all of the years of his service he has also attempted to integrate the old areas of the Roman Empire back into the EU. His work in NATO,The Euromed Barcelona Process, The ENPI, the Union of the Mediterranean and now his Manifesto of the 14 all work towards this end.

I suggest that he is the driving force intellectually behind the approach bringing change in northern Africa. When the dust settles northern Africa will no longer be in the sphere of American influence but rather European.

Obama as a Muslim and a believer in American culpability for errors of judgment in the past in the middle east is pleased to see the US diminished. He believes that while we should remain strong in Iraq and finish the job in Afghanistan overall a new approach should be tendered in the region.  Saudi Arabia he views as the keeper of the Faith of Islam and I think the Saudi Kingdom will remain stable. Obama is a child on the world scene playing with fire.

The new world order that is being built in the middle east will not take hold and instead  collapse into Islamic fundamentalism  free from American control.  This will plunge the region into war. Europe and not the US will be the ones to have to put the pieces back together militarily. NATO will be the actor visible to the world but it will emerge over time to be seen that it is Europe leading the way. It is from this that we may see the rise of a great leader of Europe.

This is likely to occur during a time of economic stress for the US which will see its dollar collapse. Putting the economic world back together will also be the order of the day. If we are in the time of the end then events will be truly fast forward from this point on.

I would like to recommend to others a web site called with sermons by Jim Staley. He seems to have some wisdom on these things. I do not think he is anywhere near correct in all that he presents but he does present some new ideas. Because he does not apparently know of the ENPI I think his take on things falls short in understanding. Then again do not we all? I have not finished hearing him nor has he finished his presentation on these things. I believe he is arguing that the US is Babylon. He expects “Babylon”  to have to fight the new rising Islamic King of the South (Egypt) for control of the area. Because of the new influence of the US in Iraq he thinks the US is the new Babylon. From there I do not know where he will betaking it. Again I think he may be weak on his understanding of where Europe figures in this. I recommend his site simply as a means for learning some new interpretations into what is happening.

What I have presented is not likely fully accurate either. It seems fairly certain however that something along these lines brings the Gentiles into Jerusalem fairly soon. This could be the start of new hostilities in the middle east which will extend for a hundred years into the future.

OR if we are correct in our suppositions about the ENPI as the seven year treaty of Daniel 9:27 then it is rather the lighting of the fuse that sends the world up in flames just prior to the return of Christ.

“I believe a new regional world order is going to emerge and this is going to represent the will and determination of the people of the region, not the pro-American governments,” said the Director of Hezbollah’s Media Relations, Ibrahim Moussawi, in a Press TV interview.


3 thoughts on “New World Order will emerge from Middle East

  1. I was just thinking about the chain of countries that are currently expereiencing political break down and I suddenly thought of that old CFR map of the 10 world regional powers that came out in the 90’s

    Check out number 7:



  2. Looks like Daniel 11:23-31 (king of the north V’s King of the south), and that would make a good test for the EU in my opinion.
    After that Psalm 83, Isiah 17:1.
    Shortly after that possibly Ezekiel 38,39 now Egypt might break the treaty. That leaves Jordan who is on the brink as well.
    I suppose we just have to watch and wait 🙂


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