Solana answers Antichrist question.

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It is good to have friends watching the European news as some of it does not feature in the US or here in Africa. One such friend is Bjorn (Farmer) who was so kind to translate the following interview with Solana. It sounds like he is not interested in returning to politics. Maybe it is true, maybe not. Here are some points of interest in the article. The rest can be read on Farmer’s site.

It’s 3,5 years in the 7 years ENP treaty of EU with Israel

and in a summer holiday interview with ““, Javier Solana    has just been asked:
“-In this times one can hear many things about your person, which is the worst?”
Solana: “The worst thing I forgot”.
– “Even when a sect named you the Antichrist?”
(read the whole story on the “sect” here: Link, and my comment from April here: Link)
“original answer in Spanish: “El único que salía en la lista de la secta no americano era yo y me pusieron como el Anticristo, pero no sé muy bien por qué.”
Solana: “The only one left on the list of the non-American sect was me, so they put me on as the Antichrist, but I’m not sure why.”
His views on returning to politics:
“What a phone book will you have. Which is the most precious number?

“Mine, because I have to agree to give it away.
– Neither Obama, Putin …?
“They know my phone number and I do not have to have theirs (laughs).

“I do not want anything from active politics. I remain a public man that wants to help to improve his country, but without being in active politics. It happened.

He sounds like a retired man. Time will tell.

Added comment by Adamantine:

I wonder if the Antichrist (whomever it may some day turn out to be) could rise to power without someone identifying the person as a possibility?
Solana was once asked by Wesley Clark ( NATO General) of Solana’s secret to diplomatic success. Solana answered that he never asked  a question to which he did not know or like the answer .
In this article is seems obvious to me that he also only answers questions in the same manner.  First by not saying what could be the “worst thing” ever said about him and secondly by then claiming he did not know why they would ever chose him as an Antichrist candidate. He knows. This is not rocket science and most people are narcissist enough to investigate why someone might think he was an important figure out of Biblical lunatic fringe legends of prophecy. In the one case as a likely confirmed atheist he would laugh heartily and if he felt it were true he would laugh sinisterly. Solana then goes on to attribute it essentially to chance.
However as I have attempted to show in the presentation entitled “The Return of Christ” I think Javier Solana at least remains ” a person of interest” as they say in police work.
I would emphatically state he remains the best candidate living and the best candidate in the history of the world for filling the shoes of the Antichrist as defined in the pages of the books of such writers as Walvord, Hal Lindsey, Dwight Pentecost…
…and a hundred other writers who spoke of  1)  an intellectual genius 2)   a military man  3)   who by great diplomacy would rise among the states   4)   of the Roman Empire and 5)   after the formation of a ten nation confederation becomes it leader. He was 6)  to strengthen   7)  a treaty   8.)   among many 9)   including Israel 10)   for seven years.    He was also to be known as a 11)  peace maker.
I would next emphasis he was to remain  a relative unknown to the world until he is “given power to continue for 42 months.”

I would next emphasis he was to be a relative unknown to the world until he is “given power to continue for 42 months.” Currently we are in the midst of a seven year treaty. The clock is ticking and to the casual observer Javier Solana is a retired gentleman. However just before he retired he commented that he desired to remain active in the “crisis management.”  In 1999 the WEU ten nation core of the EU announced it would move the “crisis” powers to the EU. This occurred by a recommendation curiously numbered 666. In the next year a committee known as the “political security committee” was established in the EU to hold the same powers and people as the ten person leadership of the WEU. During that time Javier Solana held the power over that committee as HRCFSP ( High Representative of the Common Foreign and Security Policy).

Surprisingly under the Lisbon Treaty of December 2009 the leadership of that committee was to become a separate position answering directly to the EU Council. In July 2010 we learned that the EU Council of the 27 Prime Ministers of the EU were hesitant to give the crisis management  powers to the EU Council President, EU Commission President and not even to the new HRCFSP Lady Ashton. Prophetically the connection for a potential Antichrist figure would need to be to the ten nation WEU because this seems similar to the ten horns described in the book of Daniel. The connection still exists via the PSC and its members on both the PSC and the WEU.  I surmise that had Javier Solana retained his position as HRCFSP he would not have been able to retain his connection to the WEU 10. Politically we also see that the leaders of the EU do not wish to give the crisis powers to the HRCFSP. The question remains for the EU and for us as well…..“Who will get these powers?

It should also be emphasized that these might actually be the war powers  of the EU as the military committees answer to this position in a crisis. Certainly during the remaining year of the WEU  (until July 2011) it is the war power position.

I suggest if we are in a time of prophecy it is to be Javier Solana who may be reappointed to lead the PSC position. If it is prophetic we might expect him to get it for a 3 and 1/2 year period. Currently Javier Solana leads an international group named the “International crisis group.” He expressed a desire to remain active in the crisis management arena in December 2009. He is currently involved with a Spanish security document report due in November 2010. He is also involved with the ongoing discussions of the future of NATO. The head of the Socialist party in the EU Parliament stated in July 2010 that he stilled expected  ” great” future sevice from  Javier Solana.

We are not wrong to still be watching when

A) We can see the position of connection to the 10 nation group still available.

B) The same position is likely the position of crisis management in the EU

C) The “crisis management” powers are not likely to go to the current three leaders of the EU.

D) Javier Solana has an international position in crisis management.

Of course it all is conjecture …..but….. it is occurring during the days of a revised Roman empire and in the midst of the only seven year treaty in all of history between Israel and any other nation. For my part this is the only remaining way that I see for a logical extension of the ENPI/WEU/ENPI theory. Events could always accelerate or converge in other unforeseen ways in a crisis but that becomes appealing to a “black box” method for  Biblical interpretation and prophecy and I see little way to comment on such things. In any case much of what we have expected did not occur. We see through a glass darkly but God wants the terminal generation to be watching. No one will know if they are the “terminal” generation unless they are watching. The appointed head of the Political Security Committee (PSC) is to be named in October 2010.


7 thoughts on “Solana answers Antichrist question.

  1. a lot of mystery surrounds this man for sure but the way scripture points out the character and vision of anti-christ i can’t help but think that solana is certainly someone to consider with his type of personality and agenda. his words-in my opinion-prove him prideful enough to lend himself to the world stage.


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    Personally I am quite fatigued. I have continued to pay attention because starting in January I have been thinking the PSC position is the important one. I was disappointed when nothing happened in April, June or July in a timely manner. And yet because the PSC position has remained open and apparently will be open until October it must be considered. If you read the complete article and consider that Solana claims he likes the beach but not what also it means I think it is that he does not like the rest of the world to think he is not doing important things i.e. that he is lounging at the beach. He still wants to be active and thought of as such.


  3. I don’t think the Antichrist would even know he is it until Satan gets cast down to earth. So Solana or whoever will of course say ” haha no im not the AC “, but that makes sense because they aren’t imbued yet.
    Allot of strange things happening around the world lately.


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